Why is Summer Camp So Good for Kids?

Summer camps are an opportunity for children to unplug from an increasingly structured and technology driven life. Camping and activities in nature allow for time away from competitive classroom environments. Camping allows children to explore, be adventurous and learn new skills whilst having fun and making new friends in a safe environment.

Camps are a fabulous opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. A well run, organised camp with dedicated camp leaders will offer children opportunities to explore new interests and skills they may not get time to discover in school with so much focus on curriculum, outcomes and testing. For many children, camp is their first taste of life without parents or teachers to guide their every decision.

A summer camp is the perfect place to develop independence and communication skills. The ideal age for camp attendees is 8 to 12 years old. Organised camps group children of similar ages and the same sex into cabins with bunk rooms under the supervision of adult camp/cabin leaders. Sharing a living space with others, teaches children respect for personal space and teamwork skills to keep the shared space clean and tidy.

10 reasons why kid camps in NZ are great for them!

1. They spend their day being physically active

2. They experience success and become more confident

3. They gain resiliency

4. They unplug from technology

5. They develop lifelong skills

6. They grow more independent

7. They have free time for unstructured play

8. They learn social skills

9. They reconnect with nature

10.They make true friends outside of an online environment

Camp activities vary from place to place, but will most certainly include a range of outdoor activities and can be tailored to individual groups. If you are in the Wellington area and are looking for a school or Christian camp the popular instructed camp activities offered at El Rancho include: horse care and riding, dance and drama activities, kayaking, archery, rifle shooting, tubing, rock wall climbing, Go Karts, zip lines and wilderness survival. Camp is all about learning through fun!

El Rancho is a Christian Camp in Waikanae, New Zealand (NZ) offering school camps to pupils from all over New Zealand. Other facilities at El Rancho camp in Waikanae include: petanque, tennis courts, trampolines, a confidence course, mini-golf, a swimming pool, waterslides, low ropes course and orienteering. As a Christian Camp, El Rancho has an element of Biblical themes and stories interwoven into daily activities with time for questions and reflection.

Camp leaders and staff are a dedicated group of people who encourage and support young children by being great role models. Summer camps provide many opportunities and experiences for children to develop coping strategies that they can use once camp is over. 

Challenges can be physical e.g. how to build a fire or conquer their fear of heights on the ropes course. Social challenges may be more complicated for some: learning how to get along with peers, learning how to ask for help or how to make decisions without a parent to ask for advice. Whatever skills need to be developed there will be opportunities at camp to explore these and more.

El Rancho in Waikanae occupies a 60 acre site alongside a beach, river and beautiful native bush tracks. It is the ideal location for your next summer camp experience with so much to explore. El Rancho offers a wide range of options for accommodation in Waikanae (20 to 500 people) from campsites and cabins, to lodges with up to 154 beds in traditional bunk rooms. 
An auditorium, meeting rooms and fully catered dining hall compliment the accommodation options at this NZ Christian Camp.

For more information on activities and booking your camp, conference or event visit www.elrancho.co.nz.

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